Explore Ulladulla Easily

Don’t waste time in traffic this holiday or weekend. Explore and enjoy undulating Ulladulla, its laid-back coastal scape, rolling café lined heritage suburb of Milton, contoured trendy up-market Mollymook, refreshingly nostalgic Burrill Lake and Dolphin Point, rolling Kings Point, its famous beaches, lakes, inlets, estuaries, boutique winery and short walking tracks, easier, quicker, smarter with a nimble and sure-footed motor assisted electric bicycle.

We provide the latest maintained, fully charged lively electric bicycle, approved helmet, safety bell, storage basket, smart phone holder, mechanical breaks, bicycle lock, paved bike map, roadside assist, a *complementary water bottle and offer *50+ sunblock lotion, for an All-Day hire package deal.

Bring a small back-pack to stash a towel, pair of sunnies, water bottle or two, thongs and we point out the best spots to stop, view, photograph, swim, eat, chill with a cold or hot drink, eat homegrown produce, meet and mingle with locals, spots to celebrate, to thoroughly enjoy a self-guided electrifying bike tour. Experience and do more in a day without the hassle of looking for parking spaces, jostling against other cars, SUV’s and caravans.

Book now, plan ‘your stress-free, more-me-time’ with an Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire adventure package, as easy as: -

Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire

Whether you are holidaying, getting married, on your honeymoon, a corporate/business event, live or work in the area, discover Ulladulla by ‘using our cost-effective, time-efficient, maintained and fully charged agile electric motor assisted bicycle by utilising our self-guided map’.

The electric motor assistance encourages anyone, over 16 years of age, to travel further, comfortably and securely so you can see and experience much more, in less time, with less effort. Easy and safe to ride, even mature aged riders can, ‘physically and emotionally enjoy this memorable experience’ so the whole family can join in.

Pedal when you like, or pedal less up those hills or into head-winds using the clever and convenient gear system and engage the electric motor support, when you need that assistance. ‘Everyone keeps up with each other’ no matter your age or physical condition. Parents and grandparents can easily keep up with their active teenagers or should we say ‘the kids will now need, to keep up with mum and dad’.

We provide a local bike map with your Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire highlighting things to do, worth a look and visit, along your Electrifying Bike Journey. You can also use your mobile phone as your own satellite guidance map as every hired bike comes with a smartphone holder.

Traveling by e-Bike offers a sensible fitness regime, while exploring in style, calmly photographing and videoing those remarkable moments for those ‘in-love’, retires, whole family gatherings, post wedding activities for you, your invited family and guests, corporate/business events, friends and/or relatives that dropped by and just ‘want an easy enjoyable ride, bond for the day and kick right back.

Note: – If you are out and about house hunting or looking at rental accommodation then Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire is the only way to get a ‘birds eye view and feel the chemistry, of the area you intend to work or live in’. By e-riding through residential, park and school zones, you get the VIBE instantly and pick-up on those nuances you otherwise may had missed, if you just drove through.

Note: – Locals can take advantage of our ‘special promotions’ to e-ride the area they were born, grew up, work and live. Just ask how your current residency in this area can get you a whole day hire at a half day price. * Conditions Apply.

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Discover Ulladulla

Discover Ulladulla Easily

Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire, in our view, is the best and appropriate way to discover our breathtaking natural wonders, experience the beaches, lakes, estuaries, walking tracks, lookouts, sights and to ‘meet the fair dinkum locals’ going about their daily business, at ground level.

You can explore the local shopping villages, inspect local schools, social clubs, churches, op-shops, taste local food at our many cafes or highly rated restaurants. If you’re looking for more adventure you can organise, at a later stage, to do some stand up paddle boarding, kayaking on our popular lakeside locations or take to the Tasman Sea and learn how to surf. Go to our Things to Do page for further information and suggestions.

Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire can arrange Multiple Day Hire Packages (Highly Recommended) or secure a fully transferable (Must be above 16 years of age) EASY RIDE ULLUDALLA GIFT CARD for other family and friends you want to share this memorable, exhilarating fun filled experience.

Many weddings are held in the area and a perfect ‘Thank You For Coming Gift’ for your family members and guests would be an electrifying self-guided tour of the area you wanted to get married in.

Note: - Locals can take advantage of our ‘special promotions’ to e-ride the area they were born, grew up, work and live. Just ask how your current residency in this area can get you a whole day hire at a half day price. * Conditions Apply.

Why rent an e-bike?
Quick and easy to book

Quick and easy to book

Discover hidden wonders

Discover hidden wonders

Roadside assistance available

Roadside assistance available

Affordable adventuring

Affordable adventuring