Ulladulla (Main Pick-up Location)

Kendall Cottage Rotary Park
12 Crescent St,
Ulladulla NSW 2539

Milton (Northern Pick-Up Location)

Milton Village Swimming Pool Car Park
Cnr. Church Street & Graham St,
Milton NSW 2538

Dolphin Point (Southern Pick-Up Location)

Dolphin Reserve
Surfside Parade
Dolphin Point NSW 2538

First, THANK YOU for visiting, working or living in the Shoalhaven region. We practice Responsible Riding and therefore conduct a mandatorily Safety Induction Session to ensure you are fully aware of the following safety features of the Electric Motor Assisted Bike Hire bicycle and your responsibilities under the Terms and Conditions for the hire period and Services NSW requirements:

  • Must be 16 years of age or above
  • Carry a Photo ID
  • Location of the bell
  • Location of front and rear mechanical braking system
  • Fit helmet properly
  • Issue fluorescent vest (if required)
  • Offer 50+ sunblock lotion to all e-bike hiring (Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide)
  • Issue water bottles to All Day hired e-bikes
  • Turning e-bike ON and OFF (when required during the self-guided tour)
  • Understand how to regulate the electric power assist mode during your journey
  • How to lock your e-bike and helmet together when not in use in the general public area
  • Ensure no alcohol or drugs are consumed before and during the bike hire period
  • Must not use the e-bike on gravel footpaths or dirt trails
  • Use only on concrete footpaths and on the left side of permitted sealed roads
  • Switch motor assist to zero during down-hill rides to ensure a better riding performance
  • Know mobile number for assistance (if assistance required) 0432617905
  • Avoid riding the e-bike in heavy rain
  • Do not submerge the e-bike through waterways, creeks or salt water
  • Must indicate when and where the e-bike will be collected, after the hire period
  • Must store e-bike inside your residence or accommodation during multiple day hires and fully re-charge battery
  • Must ride e-bike only during daylight hours.

Safe & Easy Riding

We want your Electric Bike Hire a safe, yet exciting experience.

We promote and encourage Go Together campaign of the New South Wales State Government and the links directly below provides more information about ‘your responsibilities as a bicycle rider in Ulladulla, the surrounding areas and the State of New South Wales’, in general

We urge you to take the time and review the information but generally Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire uses the following e-bikes: –

There are two types of permitted e-bikes:

  • Power-assisted pedal cycles
  • Electrically power-assisted cycles.

Our e-bikes are designed to be propelled primarily by the rider – they are not propelled exclusively by the motor. The motor is intended to help the rider, such as when going uphill or riding into a headwind.

Furthermore, we have one motor attached with a combined maximum power output of 200 watts and a) cannot be propelled exclusively by the motor/s, b) weighs less than 25 kg (including batteries) and c) has a height-adjustable seat.

Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire bicycles have electrically power-assisted cycle with a maximum continued rated power of 200 watts. Our e-bike power output progressively reduced as the bicycle’s speed increases beyond 6km/h. They cut off when a) the bicycle reaches a speed of 25km/h; or b) the rider stops pedalling and the travel speed exceeds 6km/h.

All our e-bike have a safety bell and two (2) mechanical disc brakes. All helmets used during your self-guided journey meet the following Safety Standard requirements. You are also encouraged to bring and use your own helmet but must likewise meet the Safety Standard below.

Ulladulla Electric Bike Hire at Ulladulla Harbour